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About Kate Juozaitis

Kate Juozaitis, MA LCPC is the owner and founder of CLAY Therapeutic Services. She started the practice based on the idea that people can benefit from growing by learning more about themselves and changing the things that they are willing to change. She also believes that people can benefit from understanding better the things that they are not able to change. We are all malleable like clay and able to become beautiful and functional works of art.

 Kate has an extensive and eclectic background of work experience. She began her career path as a first responder and paramedic where she worked with people in crisis and trauma. She has worked with families and patients in hospital from oncology/hematology/palliative care as well as other medical issues. Her work also includes residential therapy for children and adolescents with behavioral and emotional issues as well as on the spectrum of disorders including autism. She spent time working for the City of Chicago as a Chicago Housing Authority case manager and provided home based therapy for undocumented residents in the Latino communities in the city as well through a local community mental health provider. Kate has been in private practice for 10+ years and loves to provide insight and growth for her patients and families.

 Kate is dedicated to continued education and learning more about what the field has to offer in creating the best practices for her patients. She has also become a certified mediator to assist families in the divorce process specifically with issues around custody, visitation and other parenting communication problems that arise because of divorce. She has special interest in working with eating disorders, personality disorders, emotional manipulation issues/relationships, and family issues. 

Kate Juozaitis

SpecialtyClinical Psychology, Sex Therapy and Education
Degrees Masters of Arts in Clinical Professional Psychology 
Experience 15 Years
Training AASECT Sex Therapy Certified
DBT Trained
CBT Trained
Trauma Informed
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