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About Brian Katz

Brian Katz has been providing therapy services for more than 15 years. His vast experience includes working with individuals, families, couples, and even facilitating group therapy sessions. He has assisted clients through anger management issues, obsessive compulsive disorder, chronic pain, self-esteem issues, ADD, emotional reactivity, shame, regret and inferiority and existential issues with finding meaning and purpose in life.

Brian’s approach to emotional healing is aligned with the neuroscience of brain development. He uses simplified explanations that help his clients learn to self-empower. Brian strives to help his clients live a more fulfilling life by helping them to increase self-esteem, build emotional stability, improve problem solving, and gain a better understanding of themselves.

Brian is a results-oriented, life improvement enthusiast. He applies a variety of evidence-based methods to meet the specific needs of each situation. He utilizes holistic methods to treat clients at the source of their concern.  Brian has a positive, personal approach that helps people to develop a mindset for overcoming life’s challenges.

While Brian is skilled at working with clients of all backgrounds, he has extensive experience in addiction treatment. He spends time educating families challenged by addicted loved ones, while helping recovering individuals stay on track. He also refers those at risk to treatment centers that are most appropriate for their particular needs.

Another focus for Brian has been his work through the employee assistance program, where he has managed seminars for employees. These seminars have covered a variety of topics including self-motivation, reducing anxiety, decreasing depression, and increasing self-esteem. He also works with managers to provide them with the essential steps to increase employee productivity and job satisfaction. 

Brian is dedicated and passionate about mental health services and has presented in a variety of educational workshops for clinicians and the general public. Topics he has covered include; Parenting Children with Special Needs, The Art, Science, and Psychology of Personal Empowerment, and The Mind/Body Connection. He wants to see that the profession continues to grow and new advancements are readily available to his clients.

Brian Katz

SpecialtyClinical Counseling
Degrees Masters of Science in Community Mental Health Counseling
Experience 15 Years
Training Certified Addictions Counselor
Certified Clinical Trauma Counselor
Veterans Counseling Certification
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